True Clarity and the Heart of Your Company

In different seasons of your career and professional journey you have opportunities to experience many diverse moments.  These moments often produce decision points.

True Clarity and the Heart of Your Company
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In different seasons of your career and professional journey you have opportunities to experience many diverse moments.  These moments often produce decision points.  Inside these decision points you determine your path.  The path you travel will often provide you many different choices.  Your journey is made up of choices that lead to decision points, that deliver experiences, that in the end help you reach your true potential.  All of which influence and impact you.  Which determine the type of professional you become and relationships you build.
The challenge we all face is that our ability to make the decisions we really feel and know are the best for us, are often unclear.  We all accidentally put on our "lenses".  These lenses are stress, timelines, deliverables, other people, politics, and other professional dynamics.  We wear these lenses and it blocks or blurs our vision on what we feel and know is right.
In a very similar way, when I don’t wear my glasses at home, I trip, fall, or don’t see obvious things; we have the same issues at work.  This lack of True Clarity ensures that we are not making the decisions we feel and know are right.  Which in the end undercut the true purpose we have and limits our potential.
As you pivot that line of thinking towards your customer, it can lead to some interesting and powerful reflection opportunities as a company.  Your customers are what build the company.  They are the lifeblood of everything you do.  They are the heart that pumps the blood that enables life to exist for your company and it’s people.  How often do you allow your "lenses" to cloud the vision of what you feel and know is the right thing to do? How many customers have you lost because of this?
Companies often portray that they are customer focused or centric, especially as it is what customers want to hear.  This placation is often exposed in the first or second engagement the customer has with your company.  Often this placation is not what was intended when they started.  However it slowly crept in over time, especially as “other priorities” were allowed to blur your vision. And let’s be frank, sometimes these are hard priorities to manage: budgets, investors, shareholders, profitability, and growth.
If we think back on our worst customer service experiences, we can identify companies that are probably blurred by their own "lenses". Finding companies that understand this True Clarity principle helps illustrate the point, I can tell a huge difference between the experience I have at The Apple Genius Bar vs. Comcast customer service.  One company invites live and personal engagement; focuses on first contact resolution, the other requires me to traverse a crazy phone tree, wait on hold for an hour, and in the end I talk to an unempowered support person that is not allowed to solve my problem, without approval.
We can see that it is not enough to have a great product or service.  You must take care of your heart (your customers) to keep your company alive and healthy.  I have chatted with 100 people and asked a simple question, Apple or Comcast? 100% say Apple and the number one reason is based on how they were treated.
Companies that have True Clarity on the value and importance of their customers and make the right choices are the companies that will succeed.  These are the companies that ensure the customer is at the center of every decision made at all levels.
You are a critical part of your company.  The "lenses" we all have start at a personal level and then are portrayed and eventually influence decision points that determine your company's path.  I challenge and encourage every employee in every company to be reflective and identify if your "lenses" are causing you or your company to do things that are against what you feel and know is right for your customers.
I propose we all take a moment and find our own True Clarity and then adjust our line of thinking, way of doing, and decisions we make to put us on the right path.  The path that focuses on our customers, that build the company, and that unlocks unlimited potential for short and long term success for all!

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Written by

Jonathan Shroyer
Jonathan Shroyer

Chief CX Officer at Arise Gaming