The Best Teacher Is Your Competitor

Even if your business competitors are attempting to outperform you, they may also be your best teachers.

The Best Teacher Is Your Competitor
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There's an old adage in business: if you're not progressing, you're regressing. It's true in everyday life, but nowhere more so than in business. Any company that does not learn new things and expand in some way will soon find that its competitors have gotten ahead of it. Even if your business competitors are attempting to outperform you, they may also be your best teachers.

Why Should You Treat Your Business Rivals Like Teachers?

When you compete, it is natural to view your opponent as an adversary. After all, you're competing for the same awards and prizes. In addition, your target audiences are the same. While you may compete with them, there is also the opportunity to learn from them. The reason is the same as the reason you're competing with them. However, before you invest heavily in high-end business intelligence experts and software to find out your competitor’s drawbacks, you should consider what simple tactics can do. Here are our recommendations.
  • Examine and keep an eye on their blogs and websites
To generate leads, businesses must put themselves out there. Even though there are offline lead-generation tactics, the most cost-effective strategies are online. Creating blogs and websites alone can result in leads. As a result, blogs and websites frequently reveal a company's lead generation strategies. Analyzing and monitoring the websites and blogs of your business competitors will provide you with insight into their lead generation strategies. This can be accomplished by conducting regular audits of their websites and blogs.
  • Monitor Their Social Media Accounts
If your competitors' social media accounts are active, you can glean a wealth of valuable information from them. This is because social media platforms are far more dynamic than websites and blogs. Social media pages receive more updates and share a wider range of content than websites or blogs. Also, tie-ups and collaborations first appear on social media pages. Similarly, strategy changes or tweaks tend to have an immediate impact on social media campaigns. You will also be able to see what the followers are saying about the company via social media accounts.
  • Examine the Feedback They Receive From Customers
Examining the customer reviews your competitors receive is the same as seeing what their followers are saying on their social media pages. The information you will receive will provide you with not only a thorough understanding of how your competitors are perceived by their customers, but also what consumers in your industry expect from service providers or product manufacturers. Reviews will be slightly more specific and nuanced in this regard than comments on social media pages. You should consider both positive and negative reviews.
  • Sign Up For Their Mailing Lists
According to some experts, email marketing is the marketing channel with the highest conversion rates. They are statistically correct, which is why a company's mailing list can be a treasure trove of tried and tested strategies. This is especially true if they are business competitors. They'll be tying it up to their email marketing campaigns whether they're running TV ads or online contests.  As a result, by subscribing to your business competitors, you gain direct access to the majority of their marketing campaigns.


These lessons emphasize the importance of competition and how you can benefit from it. There will be no innovation if there is no competition. Civilizations will not progress. Your rivalry makes you stronger. It's time to make the most of it.

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Written by

Jonathan Shroyer
Jonathan Shroyer

Chief CX Officer at Arise Gaming