Why Should Player Experience Be a Priority in Your Marketing Strategy?

Offering outstanding support can be turned into a fantastic brand marketing strategy when executed properly.

Why Should Player Experience Be a Priority in Your Marketing Strategy?
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Most Gaming companies still consider player support as a cost center. They miss out on a major opportunity: offering outstanding support can be turned into a fantastic brand marketing strategy when executed properly.
Gaming firms still rely on traditional marketing strategies to find new gamers, increase website traffic, and generate more downloads. However, this is the most expensive and time consuming strategy! Putting a smile on already-existing players who are ready to receive support will always lead to having their support right back! This directly translates to preventing churn while happy players will keep on spending more.
What these companies are missing is that every touch-point with a player is an opportunity to create an army of advocates who are in love with the Brand. Satisfied players will usually leave a good review or comment on social media. And their voice matters! In fact, the latest statistics show that 81% of consumers need to trust a brand before making a purchase.
What can brand advocates bring to the table?
These happy users have a ripple effect on how positively other players and potential users think about the company. They can help gaming firms:
● Create trust: allowing other gamers to check out credible posts and positive reviews, facilitating the purchase or download decision.
● Boost content creation: every time they post a video or share a positive review they’re giving the business free publicity.
● Find new audiences: when other users post good comments or reviews, their word is seen by their immediate circle of friends who may not have been aware of the game and the brand in the first place.
How does this translate to the greatest marketing ROI?
Happy advocates help companies go viral! This is the most cost-effective strategy and provides the greatest return on investment (ROI) because their efforts compound. Leaving a positive comment on platforms like Twitter has the potential to reach millions of viewers when other players like, comment, and share.
But let’s not forget about the most important part: by offering exceptional player support, studios prevent players from simply leaving the game. Self-service options coupled with fast response times and omni-channel support leads to a tremendous increase in player satisfaction. This is actually proven since SQM Group found a 1:1 correlation between FCR and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. To put it in plain language: for every 1% increase in customer interactions resolved within the first contact, gaming companies can anticipate a 1% increase in player satisfaction.
In short, taking care of existing players should be at the forefront of all marketing efforts. Good word propagates fast, helping gaming companies go viral by creating a swarm of ride-or-die advocates that help grow the brand. At the same time, gamers who find a solution to their problems can then continue playing the game — spending money, recommending the game to friends, and buying more games from the same company.

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Written by

Jonathan Shroyer
Jonathan Shroyer

Chief CX Officer at Arise Gaming