This new section of my personal site is an up to date page detailing what i'm up to right now in short form bullet points.
My own site is never as current as I want it to be, so when I saw the “Now page” trend happening (started by Derek Sivers) and later adopted by Tobias Van schneider I decided to give it a shot.
So here we go 🤘🏻
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Monthly Updates


  • Who said you can't make a personal website using Notion? Well... no-one actually, but I've recently been seeing some fantastic use cases for Notion including portfolio sites, resumes, landing pages to name just a few. So I thought I would set myself a challenge to recreate a few pages of my own personal website using Notion.


  • Continuing to work on the Spark Micro Incubation programme at ucreate.
  • Trying to write a new piece of content each month.
  • Continuing to create my new monthly email newsletter.


  • I just created my first YouTube tutorial showing you how to create a slick looking dark themed Notion homescreen. Check it out.
  • Currently i'm using Notion to manage to manage various projects at work and also using it as a personal note repository and loving it so far. Just waiting on their API to start automating tasks.


  • Just published a new guide to creating an automated user feedback CMS using no code. Read it here.
  • I'm working on various improvements to it since writing this which include further automation using Zapier to save me a ton of time managing user testing sessions.


  • I'm working remotely now. As of December 2019 after 7 years living in London I decided to move back to Scotland and work remotely for ucreate.
  • Currently i'm building and running our incubator programme called Spark.

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